Shop and Ship Delivers Items from Amazon, eBay to Your Doorstep in Pakistan

Shop and Ship Delivers Items from Amazon, eBay to Your Doorstep in Pakistan

Often times we find ourselves drooling over things on Amazon and eBay, which are not available in Pakistan.

Most international sites such as these two do not provide shipping to Pakistan or the rates are too high to be viable.


This is where Shop & Ship comes in.

The company acts as a third party which is responsible for shipping your product from stores which do not originally offer their shipments to Pakistan.

14639818_1333160176696894_4941742465262004086_n The process is very easy to comprehend.

Here is what you need to do: Register for the Shop & Ship website and become a member.

Surf online and select any product(s).

Enter the nearest Shop & Ship address as the destination.

Monitor and track your parcel using the company’s website via tracking ID.

Pay when the parcel is enroute using company’s own secure transfer.

Here is the 8 step process if you prefer visual instructions.

1 2 Shipping Cost Details The shipping fees takes several things into account: weight of the goods, origination and destination of the order (divided into two zones).

Zone 1: US, UK, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan Zone 2: Turkey, UAE and India.

The shipping cost is based on half kilos; first half kilo and additional half kilo, for which rates are different.

Shipping to Pakistan from Zone 1 and Zone 2 is broken down in the table below: capture Additional Perks Shop & Ship is offering a free lifetime account worth $45US.

(Promo Code: SNSPakistan) The company offers warranty of lost and damaged shipments, along with money back guarantee.

Using the Rate Calculator on the Shop & Ship website, you can calculate the overall charges before placing the order.

There is no compulsion on the number of items or orders you can place.

Shop & Ship is available on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry.